frequently asked questions


Books are currently closed and Ellie is fully booked for the rest of 2017.

Books will re-open on December 11th 10am for appointments in 2018.

In the meantime, you may send an enquiry to be on the cancellation list. Please make sure you only do this if you are local and are available at short notice.

Current guest spots: 

No guest spots are currently planned.

All bookings updates including guest spot announcements will be posted on social media and our Blog.

Bookings are taken 3 months in advance and your preferred date cannot be guaranteed so a second option is required. Neither date is guaranteed but we will do our best to accomodate you at a convenient time.

Usual working days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 12pm and 8pm.

Appointments are not available after 6pm or on weekends.

You will see your design on the day of your booking. Please ensure you only book in if you are 100% sure about the tattoo you want.

Artistic freedom is always appreciated. If you are unhappy with the design small changes can be made on the day, time permitting. If major changes are needed the appointment will be rescheduled and a new deposit will be required.

Usually consults are not necessary but if you prefer a consult can be scheduled before your appointment to discuss design.

Tattoos under three hours are a set price per piece and will be quoted at your consult or once the design is has been drawn up.

Longer sittings over 3 hours and continued work on larger pieces are an hourly rate that will be provided at the time of booking.

Pricing will be discussed with you only when you submit a booking request.

We accept cash (preferred) or credit card. Credit card payments incur a 2.5% surcharge.

Yes, deposits are $100 and are non-refundable under any circumstances. This $100 will go towards the total cost of your tattoo and must be paid within 48 hours of securing your booking.

Any date/time changes within 48 hours of your appointment will incur a loss of deposit and another deposit will be required to make a new booking.

Any cancellations will incur a loss of deposit and you will need to pay a new one if you want to book another appointment in the future.

Along with the $50 drawing fee (see below) a total of $150 is required to make an appointment.

A $50 drawing fee is required when booking an appointment. This fee is a small contribution to the time spent drawing your tattoo design. Usual drawing time for each tattoo is around 2 hours. This is done at home or on weekends on top of usual tattooing hours so a fee is required to cover this time.

The drawing fee may be waived if the design is small and fits in the minimum price of $150. Fee will also be waived if the design is something I have previously drawn or designs posted as ‘up for grabs’.

The $50 drawing fee must be transferred along with the $100 deposit when making an appointment, this is a total of $150 that is required when booking an appoitnment. The drawing fee is non refundable.


Not every tattoo idea will get an appointment. Tattoos are chosen for appointments if they are something Ellie feels she can confidently do that will inspire and challenge her. Ellie will not take on a job that is not within the style she is focusing on at the time. You will be notified if your tattoo is not something she is able to do and she will endeavour to steer you in the direction of other artists who can help you.

Unfortunately there is not always enough time to tattoo everybody so during each booking cycle there can be people who do not get an appointment.

If you are asking for something similar to Ellie’s previous work and are open to her input and creative freedom, you will be more likely to get an appointment.

Due to the high volume of emails sometimes emails may get lost or mixed up and may not get a response. We try to reply to every email, even if it is a tattoo that Ellie cannot do. If you have not received a reply after a few weeks you are welcome to follow up with another email.

Apologies to anyone who’s email gets lost or goes unseen!


Ellie designs custom pieces for each individual person and will never tattoo the same thing twice.

Please do not ask for a replica of a design that you have found online. Reference pictures are welcomed but a design will always be redrawn and altered to make it unique.

You may feel like you want ‘exactly that tattoo’ that you saw online. But when you see other people with the same tattoo as you, you will regret it. Its always best to work with an artist you like, discuss the design and come up with something unique that means something to you.

This depends on the size, colour, intricacy and location of each design.

A rough idea of how long the tattoo will take can be given to you when you book your appointment. Usually appointments are no long than 4 hours.

Tattooing has many variables to make sure you have plenty of time on the day of your appointment.

Usually, requests for coverups or fix ups of old tattoos will not be booked in.  However, coverups and re-works are considered case by case. Ellie will take on a job if she feels its something she can confidently do.

Laser tattoo removal is a great way to lighten unwanted tattoos before covering. This gives you more freedom with what you can cover your tattoo with. We recommend the follow laser removal clinics:

Disappear Ink in Korgarah

Vanishing ink in Dee Why


Ellie currently works privately in Sydney, Australia.

Address and directions are supplied when you make an appointment.


Metered street parking is available but not guaranteed. There are parking lots nearby but they can be expensive. We recommend taking public transport to the studio.

Yes, Ellie tries to do as many guest spots as possible, both interstate and internationally. Keep an eye on Instagram and our blog for announcements.

We only accept correspondence through our website contact form and only during times when appointments are being taken.

As you can imagine there is not time to answer everyone’s questions about tattoos unless it is a genuine booking enquiry.


Every artist has a different opinion and method when it comes to tattoo aftercare for their tattoos. Do not listen to your friends, they aren’t tattoo artists.

We recommend the following:

  • Keep the tattoo covered for 3 hours after tattoo. If Dermalize or similar second skin bandage has been applied you may leave that on over night.
  • Remove glad wrap and clean thoroughly with anti septic soap (eg. Detol hand wash) in warm/hot water (doing this in the shower is usually easiest). Excess ink and plasma can get a bit stuck on the tattoo so make lather with the soap and softly rub the tattoo to clean it all off.
  • Pat dry with paper towel or a clean towel.
  • Allow to air dry for 20-30 minutes. Do not let anyone or anything touch the tattoo.
  • Apply a very small amount of Bepanthem First Aid cream (At this stage, any creams without anti septic ingredients e.g. paw paw are not recommended)
  • Re-apply glad wrap to cover tattoo overnight. Tape down edges if required. Medical Micropore tape is best for sensitive skin.
  • Re-applying glad wrap protects the tattoo and your sheets and clothing. During the first 24 hours the tattoo will expel excess ink, cream and plasma and this can ruin sheets and clothing. The tattoo is a raw wound at this stage and needs to be protected from bacteria.
  • Repeat this process of cleaning, applying cream and wrapping in the morning and three times each day for the first 3 days. This is called wet healing. It traps anything that oozes out of the tattoo and allows you to clean it off, rather than it drying and forming a scab.
  • If your skin around the tattoo gets red or itchy while covered you can opt for a ‘dry healing’ method and simply clean and apply cream 3 times per day. This form of healing can mean you get more scabbing and a slightly slower healing time. Do not pick your scabs. Ensure you are wearing clean loose clothing.
  • If you have had Dermalize or a similar product applied you may leave it on for 24-48 hours. Be sure to remove in a hot shower to avoid it getting stuck to your skin. You will see lots of liquid under the wrap that will slowly dissipate. This is normal and expected. If the dressing ruptures or peels off and you get air on the tattoo or leakage, remove dressing, clean tattoo and replace with glad wrap.
  • After 2-3 days you no longer need to cover your tattoo.
  • The tattoo will begin to dry and flake.
  • Continue to clean and apply cream 3 times per day for 7 days.
  • You may swap Bepanthem cream for a natural ointment or moisturiser after 3-5 days, once the tattoo feels like its sealed and no longer ‘raw’.
  • The tattoo will itch during healing, this is normal. Do not scratch with your nails, you can lightly tap the tattoo for relief.
  • The tattoo should be fully healed from 2 weeks – 1 month and can remain dry and shiny for a few months.

Important things to remember during healing:

  • Avoid strenuous exercise during first 5 days. If you sweat, clean thoroughly as soon as possible.
  • Avoid contact with any surfaces, animals, dirty sheets or clothing during first 5 days.
  • The tattoo may look red, swollen and be painful for the first few days. This is normal.
  • If you experience excessive pain, redness, swelling, lesions, pimples or discolouration after 3-5 days you may need to consult a doctor. Bacteria can easily get into a fresh tattoo and cause an infection. This can be easily prevented by following above aftercare instructions. We assure you that all precautions are taken so that you will not come into contact with bacteria while getting tattooed but we cannot control what happens when you leave the studio. If you have an infected tattoo a doctor can prescribe antibiotics and steroid creams which will fix it within a few days. You can combine this with thoroughly cleaning with Detol Anti-septic wash and further application of Bepanthem First Aid cream. Sometimes the tattoo can require a touch up afterwards if there are issues when healing, this is normal and complimentary.
  • You can shower as usual with a fresh tattoo. It will feel like sunburnt skin under the water, avoid long showers and soaking the tattoo.
  • Avoid swimming pools, spas or the beach for 2 weeks after getting a tattoo.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun for 1 month after getting tattooed. Always apply sunscreen for the life of the tattoo.
  • Do not scratch or pick at the tattoo while it is healing. This can cause scarring.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and sleep pattern during healing time. If you drink alcohol, smoke, eat badly and don’t get enough sleep you may heal slower and be prone to difficulties while healing.
  • Once the tattoo is fully healed it is totally normal to see areas that may need touching up. We offer one free touch up within 6 months of your initial appointment. You need to let the tattoo heal for at least 1 month before booking in for a touch up.
  • Some areas are more prone to touch ups – like fingers, hands and feet. You may have one free touch up on these areas but more may be required. Rather than pay for a second touch up we suggest having it touched up when you book in for your text tattoo, this shouldn’t incur any extra cost.

No, Ellie will only draw tattoos for clients that are booked in to be tattooed by her. Theses drawings will be available to you on the day of your booking.

Unfortunately if you live overseas or are unable to make an appointment, Ellie cannot draw something for you.

You are more than welcome to use Ellie’s work for reference but please always make sure to create something new and unique and do not copy tattoos by Ellie or any other artist.

No. Under NO circumstances will Ellie tattoo you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Regardless of any research you have done or your personal opinion.

When getting tattooed you are putting yourself at risk of infection, stress, lowered immune system, reaction to inks etc. Despite the very small chance of any problems, it is not worth putting body under unecessary pressure while pregnant or breastfeeding.

You should worry about feeding your baby, not getting tattooed.

No, Ellie strictly only tattoos people who are 18 years or older.

To prepare for your appointment we suggest:

  • Eat a large, nutritious meal before coming in. DO NOT come in for an appointment without eating.
  • Avoid coffee before and during your appointment.
  • You may take/bring Neurophen or other anti inflammatory pain killers to help with pain and swelling.
  • Bring sugary drinks, water, lollies and snacks. Sugary drinks and snacks are very helpful to raise your blood sugar while getting tattooed. This reduces risk of dizziness, nausea and fainting.
  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water the night before your appointment.
  • Audiobooks and music are a great distraction, bring your phone and some headphones.
  • DO NOT come in for your tattoo under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you wouldn’t mind staining – your clothing around the tattoo may get ink or blood stains.
  • Allow plenty of time for your appointment.
  • Numbing cream is not recommended, it works well for up to 30 minutes then usually wears off and makes the tattoo more painful and uncomfortable. It can also be very expensive. However, if you have used creams before and have found on that works for you, you may use it. But you do so at your own risk and are responsible for any aftercare issues you may have as a result of using numbing cream.

You may bring one support person with you for longer sittings. The studio is not huge and we cant have lots of people sitting around who aren’t getting tattooed.

If you can come alone that is preferred but if you really need someone with you please limit it to ONE person.

Please ask your support person to be quiet and respectful of the space and the other artists, i.e do not sit there watching loud YouTube videos or roam around the studio another artists areas.